After School Care Majest

Since summer 2010 Majest offers after school care in Amstelveen, just 5 minutes from ISA (the International School of Amsterdam). The after school care is for childeren in the age of 4 till 13.

Our philosophy is to provide a homely environment for the children, bridging the time between school and family life. We offer a wide range of activities, from cooking to playing sports, from music to group activities. And more important: the children are free to decide if they wish to participate. Sometimes children prefer some quiet time and read a book, listen to music or do some homework, we give them the space to do that.

Personal Packages

We want to provide the care you need and that’s why we have several packages you can choose from.

  • All in package: all school days + holidays and occasional school-free days are included.
  • Plus package: all school days + five short holidays, no occasional school-free days.
  • Basic package: all school days, no holidays and no occasional school-free days
  • Holiday package: minimal of three holidays

We will pick up your child from school and bring them to Majest by our private vans. It is possible to sign up for one to five days a week. There is a minimum of two months for the contract.

Opening hours

Regular school week
Days Time
Monday until Friday 11.00 am - 18.30 pm
During school holidays
Days Time
Monday until Friday 08:00 am - 18:30 pm

Price List

Since January 1st 2018 the below prices concern.

Prices in € per day a week
Packages Hourly rate
All-in package 6,77 per hour
Plus package 8,45 per hour
Basic package 8,97 per hour
Holiday package 7,34 per hour
Loose holiday(s)/Seperate study day(s)) 7,90 per hour
Financial Support

You may be entitled to financial support from the Dutch Government. The amount that may be refunded is dependant upon your income. More information can be found on For help there are organisations such as Blue umbrella or maybe the HR department at your work can assist you.

For more information about Majest please contact us.

T: 020 3453852


If you want to sign-up your child, please click here and we will contact you as soon as possible.